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IP & port37.97.157.237:27910
Total player time19 hrs, 20 mins
Most players at once7
Server version7.71.6 x86_64 Sep 28 2023 linux-gnu
AAOCS has served 25 maps in the last 48 hours
MapServed TimePlayed TimePeak players
ctf-atrix1 hr, 40 mins3 hrs, 21 mins6
ctf-terminal-classic9 hrs, 32 mins2 hrs, 39 mins4
ctf-invasion47 mins2 hrs, 35 mins5
ctf-europa1 hr, 28 mins2 hrs, 4 mins5
ctf-bonechewer15 mins1 hr, 26 mins7
ctf-eizo16 mins1 hr, 4 mins4
ctf-thepit23 mins49 mins3
ctf-facingworlds12 mins48 mins4
ctf-aquila16 mins46 mins3
ctf-bloodline25 mins45 mins2
ctf-rockwar30 mins40 mins2
ctf-zorn18 mins30 mins2
ctf-chamber29 mins29 mins1
ctf-bsfortress12 mins20 mins2
ctf-icarus-retro29 mins20 mins2
ctf-blockbattle11 mins10 mins1
ctf-fortofpillars7 mins7 mins1
ctf-titan7 mins7 mins1
ctf-extermination1 min6 mins6
ctf-atlantis5 mins5 mins1
ctf-anxiety20 hrs, 4 mins5 mins1
ctf-radia6 hrs, 58 mins4 mins1
ctf-vesuvius1 hr, 38 mins00
ctf-zion-retro1 hr, 11 mins00
ctf-ahtcity21 mins00
9 players have played on AAOCS in the last 48 hours
NameTimeAverage ping
[GM]Jar'El4 hrs, 20 mins14.0 ms
AliceWtFiA4 hrs, 15 mins28.3 ms
martian3 hrs, 10 mins150.9 ms
[GM]Dondo2 hrs, 47 mins24.5 ms
dbok2 hrs, 2 mins128.8 ms
ROD(FR)1 hr, 39 mins37.0 ms
iwilldiehere49 mins25.9 ms
Playerqwerty14 mins205.1 ms
Darth4 mins32.0 ms

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