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HostnameI like Peanuts and DM
IP & port98.168.171.179:27910
Admin[SiN] Clan
Total player time3 mins
Most players at once1
Server version7.71.5 x86 Aug 26 2023 Win32
I like Peanuts and DM has served 3 maps in the last 48 hours
MapServed TimePlayed TimePeak players
dm-oblivion15 hrs, 5 mins2 mins1
dm-saucer-classic10 hrs, 33 mins1 min1
dm-dred22 hrs, 22 mins00
2 players have played on I like Peanuts and DM in the last 48 hours
NameTimeAverage ping
armadillo2 mins55.5 ms
Scott1 min88.0 ms

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